The constituency has a strong economic base industry mainly in the constituency’s capital, Okahandja town, where all industries, factories and other related activities are. There are businesses such as plastic manufacturers of water pipes, water tanks; Okahandja Shopping mall and wood carvers market (fig xx), diamond polishing company, wooden windows and door frames Prestige, Meatco abattoir for slaughtering cattle for local and international markets, industrial park, poultry farms, agricultural plots that produce vegetable for locals and Namibia at large, Namibian finest biltong is manufacturers are based in Okahandja. Okahandja town is also home to several vegetable and flower farms that surrounds the towns. This produce is consumed locally and nationally and the rest are exported to South Africa and Europe. The newest edition to the industrial sector is Castle Brewing Namibia producing Castle Lager beer.

Okahandja Shopping Mall and Wood Carvers Market

The town use to host its Annual Tourism & Trade Expo during May each year. The exhibition is good for marketing the tow as tourism and business trade hub. The exposition also provides networking opportunity for local, national and regional to visit and trade in Okahandja. It is also used as a tool to attract much needed investment to the town. On the other hand, the manganese mine is providing much needed employment to the highly unemployed population of Okahandja. In addition there are various small mining activities around the town that are also contributing economically to the town and constituency.

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Okahandja Shopping Mall