The Omatako constituency is vast, consisting mainly of commercial farms, communal area (Ovitoto communal area) and a few resettlement farms, including one, specifically for the San people which is Uitkomst resettlement farm. The total commercial area of the Omatako constituency is about 450 km comprising 95% of the constituencies’ total area while the rest is the communal farm area. The constituency has a population of 17,619 people and has 24,879.0 km² with 0.7 persons per km (NSA 2012). Otjiherero and Afrikaans are the predominant languages while Damara/Nama is also a widely spoken language within the constituency.

Urban Areas and Settlements

Omatako constituency does not have an urban area (local authority), it only has one settlement which is Okandjira and the rest of its area is rural.

Okandjira Settlement

Okandjira settlement is the administrative centre of Omatako constituency and administered by the Otjozondjupa Regional Council. The settlement does not have its own settlement office as the administration is done from the constituency office at the moment; however plan is underway to build its own office. Few government institutions are represented and these are Ministry of Agriculture, Water Forestry (Directorate of Rural Water Supply and Extension Services), one clinic, one police station and one combined school.

Infrastructure and facilities

Infrastructure and facilities are catalyst for economic growth and development of any area. Unfortunately the constituency does not have adequate infrastructure and necessary facilities. Therefore more infrastructure and facilities are needed within the constituency to realize its full potential as far as development is concern.  Most of the roads in the constituency are mainly the gravel roads including the one from Okahandja to Okandjira settlement. In terms of communication technology, due to its remoteness and vastness of the constituency coupled with low population, the constituency has poor network coverage, poor radio and tv coverage. Most of the institutions in the constituency particularly within the settlement and nearby places are connected to national grid, however there some those make use of solar for their own domestic use. There is only one secondary school, one combined school and four primary schools in the constituency. Sanitation is provided only the Okandjira settlement although it is not adequate as plans are underway to service other area within the settlement while water is provided by Namwater. There are many boreholes where most people extract water and these boreholes are operated either on windmill, diesel engine of hand (hand pumps). Other institutions that have facilities presented are NAMPOL and Ministry of Health and Social Services mainly the clinics.

Economic Activities

Farming is the second main source of income represented by 17% after wages and salaries amounting to 57.4%.  Limited economic activities are available within the constituency, hence the unemployment rate of 36%. People within the constituency rely mostly to Okahandja town, Windhoek for their needs since there are no shops, retail, manufacturing companies within the constituency. The San communities that are residing within the constituency fall mainly in the constituency’s lower economic groups while the commercial farmers fall within the high-income.

Tourism and Places of Interests

The constituency is a home to a various places of interest and important for tourism purposes. These include the famous Dinosaurs’ Tracks (figure xx), approximately 26 kilometres east of Kalkfeld, Waterberg Plateau Park as Ounjoka in the Waterberg area, Otjiwa lodge, Mount Etjo Safari Lodge, Ounjoka in the Waterberg area are some of the places that attract people within the constituency.

The tracks of several dinosaurs' footprints can be clearly seen in the rock nearby Etjo Table Mountain as opposed to the low flats of millions of years ago.

Potential Areas of Investment
  • Agriculture –livestock and game farming
  • Business e.g. different types of shops within the administrative centre- Okandjira
  • Infrastructure development

The Omatako Constituency is bordering Otjiwarongo and Grootfontein, Okakarara, Okahandja constituencies on the north and north-east, south-easterly part and western part of the constituency respectively (fig xx). While on its southern part borders The Windhoek-rural constituency of the Khomas region.


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Contact Information

Omatako Constituency Office, Okandjira
P O. Box 994, Okahandja
Telehone No: +264 62 682140